Medication Use and Magical Thinking

Magical thinking is a common occurrence when someone sees a correlation with an observed effect, and pulls causation out of thin air. For example, believing that a particular piece of clothing is lucky because something great happened when it was worn. It is a belief based on jumping to conclusions without... Read More

Mental Health and the Trump Election - An Opinion

Mental Health and the Trump Election   This week I am consumed with analysing the potential behavioural repercussions of North America’s current disorientation and confusion over an event that few seem to have anticipated, except perhaps the President-elect.   We know that behaviour adapts to cope with necessary... Read More

Why Health Care Doesn't Care - Your Tax Dollars at Work

Why Health Care Doesn't Care - Your Tax Dollars at Work   Most of the people who serve you in health care really do care about you and it shows.  When they really don’t and you have good evidence of that, you can go to the Patient Care Quality Review Board in your health region to make a complaint and they'll... Read More

What is Normal Anyway?

When Health Care Doesn't Care - What  is Normal Anyway?    Over the last forty years the systematic pathologizing and medicating of individuals, has mushroomed, based on what we now know is false science and consumer manipulation. The website Mad in America collects the scientific evidence of this in North... Read More

The Right to the Best Treatment Available?

When Health Care Doesn’t Care – The right to the best treatment available?   I heard about this on the news this week: Charter challenge of forced psychiatric treatment filed in BC Supreme Court.   I have been hoping for years that someone would tackle this.  It is hard to defend people who seemingly have no... Read More

When Health Care Doesn't Care Series – What’s the Problem?

When Health Care Doesn’t Care – What’s the Problem?   This is a new series of blogs to analyse why so many of our partners have lost hope and optimism, because of services and supports that tell you what you can’t do instead of what you can do. Many of our partnerships are with people who feel dependent and... Read More

How do we know if our family member in care is happy & okay?

Quality of life indicators are often discussed with people whose lives include barriers to obtaining security and satisfaction. It is an important issue for having good mental health and wellness. Indicators that are typically measured include: Having good physical health Having a home Maintaining meaningful... Read More

How long does treatment take?

Positive life change is not something that occurs overnight or just because you want it. There is no quick-fix, or magic pill. Analysis is an ongoing job in our partnership because you want solutions that last and permanently improve your quality of life.  Typically, you can expect to be functioning at your... Read More

Behaviour Therapy for Anxiety Disorders with ABA

Behaviour Therapy for Anxiety Disorders with Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Anxiety takes many forms, it expresses differently in eaAnalysis (ABA) and ch person who lives with it. Some people feel it constantly, some anticipate it, others experience sudden panic attacks. With some individuals anxiety is created... Read More

ABA Isn’t Only for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

ABA Isn’t Only for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) ABA is widely recognized as a necessary treatment for children and adults with ASD. The epidemic of Autism Spectrum Disorder combined with an influential court case that made funding available in Canada for ABA treatment to children on the Autism... Read More

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