Behaviour Analysis is a scientific evidence-based therapy supported by hundreds of research studies finding Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to to be the most effective treatment for psychological, neurological and behavioural challenges, including acquired brain injury, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and trauma.


All the services offered by Parley are supported by Bobbi Hoadley, a Behaviour Consultant who is internationally Board Certified as a Behaviour Analyst with graduate qualifications in clinical counselling and rehabilitation.  

Parley support staff have completed a relevant Bachelor’s degree and have extensive experience and training in Behaviour Analysis and in supporting adolescents or adults with mental health challenges. In 2018 Behaviour Analysts in British Columbia will be further licensed under the BC College of Psychologists.

Statement solicited in a satisfaction survey of former clients and used with permission:

“Parley focuses on client strengths, promotes client efficacy and decreases dependency. We appreciate the development of targeted, functional tools.” MS, Social Worker