Bobbi Hoadley

We can help. Behaviour Consultants are not medically qualified to prescribe medications and therefore we can't unprescribe your medications. If you want to stop taking medications we help you to collect the data that your Doctor can use to justify medication withdrawal.  

Because Behaviour Consultants continually collect evidence of stability and behaviour change, many Doctors appreciate our input and recommendations to work with you to withdraw medications.  

Behaviour Analysis has solid research and evidence that ABA therapy and interventions support behaviour change and recovery.  There is almost no evidence that medication therapy can change behaviour, and good evidence that medication inhibits or delays recovery. Furthermore, the paradoxical effects of drugs on individuals with neurological diagnoses is not well researched - meaning: if a person has a disability of brain functioning sometimes drugs have the opposite effect than they are meant to.  You can find more information on the evidence at Mad in America

Withdrawal from medication is a difficult process that must be done gradually and monitored by a Doctor. Sometimes withdrawal can create a rebound effect that briefly is as bad as the original symptoms. Parley helps you and your supporters get through withdrawal with Positive Behaviour Supports that target the short-term difficulties from medication withdrawal. 

If you want to refuse medication it is your right to do so, but we recommend that you do it because the evidence and your Doctor supports it.