Bobbi Hoadley

Positive life change is not something that occurs overnight or just because you want it. There is no quick-fix, or magic pill. Analysis is an ongoing job in our partnership because you want solutions that last and permanently improve your quality of life.  Typically, you can expect to be functioning at your desired capacity in 6 to 18 months, depending on the complexity of the issues. 

You can expect us to keep you progressing at a pace that keeps you motivated and engaged, but not overwhelmed. Pacing is really important to us. If we make a plan and it doesn’t work, we make a new plan. If we provide a direction that people aren’t following, we find out why and we fix it asap either by modifications or coaching support. We measure everything as we do it so that we can adjust or change as quickly as possible. We figure that if we can stay ahead of you, you’ll always feel the exhilaration of progress, and never notice the roadblocks we try to remove before you come around the bend.

To quote Dr. Seuss: “except when they don’t – because, sometimes they won’t.”  Just when you think everything is working well, challenging behaviour comfortably reappears when you least expect it. This is a good thing. We can’t possibly anticipate all the situations that you need replacement behaviour for. So when things don’t work as well as you might like, we are rewarded with a valuable learning opportunity.

In the beginning supports are more intensive and over time we become less and less involved so you can prove to yourself and significant others, that you can do it, without our help!