Bobbi Hoadley

Parley's Consultants are trained in Clinical Counselling.  Counselling is a valuable skill to build rapport and support good communication between ourselves and the people we serve. We differ from the counselling approach when we engage scientific evidence and data collection to do an Analysis of the challenges that our clients identify.  At that point we become Consultants, using our expertise in behavioural science to inform future treatment.

ABA certified Behaviour Consultants draw their information from 'hard' evidence. Counselling is a 'soft' skill that relies on the insight and understanding of the Counsellor to elicit your insight and understanding about your challenges.  

As Consultants we use evidence and data to design an intervention from a vast technology based on behavioural research, and any bona fide approach that will work. Therapeutically, Behaviour Analysts are pragmatic, only drawing on the realistic data we collect on what works, and throwing out anything that doesn't show results.  Therapeutically, Counsellors enlist their training, opinions and advice, once they get to know you. Counsellors rely on a variety of approaches and often will focus on the one they prefer, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or Narrative Therapy. So, if you are benefiting from a specific counselling approach we are all for it!

If you engage a Behaviour Consultant, make sure they are ABA qualified.  If you engage a Counsellor, make sure you see results that are meaningful to you!