How long does treatment take?

Positive life change is not something that occurs overnight or just because you want it. There is no quick-fix, or magic pill. Analysis is an ongoing job in our partnership because you want solutions that last and permanently improve your quality of life.  Typically, you can expect to be functioning at your... Read More

ABA Isn’t Only for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

ABA Isn’t Only for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) ABA is widely recognized as a necessary treatment for children and adults with ASD. The epidemic of Autism Spectrum Disorder combined with an influential court case that made funding available in Canada for ABA treatment to children on the Autism... Read More

What is Evidence-Based Therapy?

What is Evidence-Based Therapy? Since Applied Behaviour Analysis and Parley Services’ work is grounded in these principles, here’s our stab at defining empirically-supported treatments and tips for using evidence-based decision-making. Much of the confusion with identifying a true evidence basis is thanks to an... Read More

What is Applied Behaviour Analysis?

It is challenging to explain Behaviour Analysis without using scientific principles because unlike other therapies the practice is based purely in science rather than in social theories. If you are curious and don’t mind science, read-on, and I will try to explain in plain language. Our successful outcomes depend... Read More

Can Parley get me off of medications?

We can help. Behaviour Consultants are not medically qualified to prescribe medications and therefore we can't unprescribe your medications. If you want to stop taking medications we help you to collect the data that your Doctor can use to justify medication withdrawal.   Because Behaviour Consultants continually... Read More

Depression Treatment and Behavioural Activation

The treatment of depression and depressive disorders invariably includes some kind of behaviour change procedure. Often the treatment will be delivered in a “train and hope” model which can be effective for those persons who have demonstrated good behavioural skills in the past. Those skills include pro-social... Read More

How do I know if a therapy is working?

The top ten indicators that you are receiving a good therapy, medication or service:  You are encouraged to work on learning, personal growth, rehabilitation or recovery as solutions to the challenges you face. You are respected and treated as an equal with choice and control over yourself. When you disagree with... Read More

What is the difference between Counsellors and Consultants?

All of Parley's Consultants have been trained in Clinical Counselling.  Counselling is a valuable skill to build rapport and support good communication between ourselves and the people we serve. We differ from the counselling approach when we engage scientific evidence and data collection to do an Analysis of the... Read More

What do I have to know to work with Parley?

The first thing you need to know is that you don't have to come to us, we can come to you and we may ask to meet in a variety of settings. You're welcome to come to our office for meetings once the Analysis is done but we still may want to practice some changes in a community setting.  Parley's... Read More

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