Functional Assessment and Analysis

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Parley helps you discover what is eliciting and maintaining your behaviour when your intent does not match the results of your actions, or when your interactions or reactions are overwhelming for you or others. Functional Analysis of Behaviour provides a lot of information about what your choices and opportunities are, and how we can use your strengths and your environments to begin lasting positive life change.

Behaviour Analysts don't make judgments about behaviour because we see behaviour as the result of interactions with your environments. Your behaviour is an adaptive response or a way of coping. Most important human behaviours are learned over time, and continue for very good reasons. Many of those reasons you may not be aware of, even if you have tried to talk it through or get counselling for it. 

There is no guesswork or opinion in Functional Analysis. We assess what you do, as well as where, when and how, using dialogue, objective observation, research and solid evidence.  We do the same for the environments you interact with. Then we isolate variables (an issue, trait or condition) that may be significant and do more research to understand the effect on you. 

If you want to do more than talk or take a pill, contact Parley.

Statement solicited in a satisfaction survey of former clients and used with permission:

“Parley came in and assessed our son and his situation and made a plan for him, to be implemented right where he was.  Parley also monitored and intervened as our son was moved from institution to institution and advocated on his behalf even with regard to med reduction.” RB, Family member 

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