Positive Behaviour Support

Your change, your way

Behaviour doesn't just stop, it changes when there is a better alternative.  Positive Behaviour Support based on a Functional Analysis of Behaviour makes it easier for any individual to use replacement behaviours that suit their personality and personal growth needs. 

As Behaviour Analysts we offer expert advice using an extensive behavioural technology. You are given enough recommendations, strategies and tools that you are sure to find the ones that appeal to you, and fit your individual needs and lifestyle.

Step by step plans to learn, practice and be rewarded for alternate behaviour tells you and the significant people in your environments how their interactions can support you to be at your best, avoid pitfalls, and prevent problems.  

Positive Behaviour Supports live in your environment until your new behaviours are getting you what you want, and your life has positively changed.  ABA re-connects you to supporters, so you stabilize, feel better and do better.   

Find out today how to create positive life change: no medications, no stigma, just help.

Statements solicited in a satisfaction survey of former clients and used with permission:

“Bobbi thoroughly investigates clients behaviours and their environment and is able to tailor a plan that takes into account all the parties involved.  They are realistic plans with clear directives that allow them to be easily remembered / implemented, easily shared and easily monitored and changed as the client’s behaviour changes or the environment changes.  Bobbi’s plans foster greater self-awareness and independence in client’s areas of strength and help them build capacity in areas that need strengthening.”  JF, Case Manager

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