Workshops and Teaching

Dynamic group learning opportunities

We work with you to customize teaching to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

Staff teams

Parley Services in-service teaching focuses directly on your service delivery, analyzing the background, training, and experience of the service team to meet the learner’s needs. 

Parley delivers graduated learning through workshops and in-service support with observation, feedback, practice and reinforcement, accomplishing cultural change and a shift in team competency.  

ABA workshops provide a necessary foundation for systematic therapeutic support on teams dealing with challenging behaviours. Topics include preferred practices based in behavioural science, analysis, positive behaviour support, risk management and data collection techniques. 

Contact Parley for a reference from one of the hospitals, rehab centres or group homes where we have created lasting positive change in treatment protocols.

Clients, Families and Supporters

Group workshops for clients and supporters are offered for: 

  • Meta-cognitive teaching for mental health disorders
  • Mindfulness and acceptance therapy

Group workshops for social skill development in adolescents are offered for:

  • Communicating with effective social skills
  • Sexuality and dating
  • Social networking 

ABA Clinical Support

Clinical and ABA Fieldwork supervision within Parley Services' scope of practice, is offered to Behaviour Consultants seeking Board Certification. Success is measured by data of client outcomes. In addition to technically precise feedback, we provide learner support for self-awareness, increased accountability, systems/critical thinking, collaboration, innovation and shared leadership. 

Statement solicited in a satisfaction survey of former clients and used with permission:

“The course that we had at your offices was very good.” CD, Family member

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