Service Providers

Be all you can be to make a difference.

Parley Services' Consultants positively support environmental behaviour change and staff success with each individual.  

  • We analyze what will work and what won’t for front-line supporters.
  • We make your job easier because therapeutic success builds successful client outcomes.

When a workplace offers solutions, personal safety and proven opportunities to serve the people you do your work for, job satisfaction increases.

Challenging behaviour has a powerful capacity to affect everyone in the environment of a person living with a mental health disorder. Staff must become a positive behaviour support therapist for the person-served. Let us show you how.  

Contact us today to find out how Parley's front-line supports and staff teaching opportunities will support your organization's success.   

Statements solicited in a satisfaction survey of former clients and used with permission:

“Understanding the triggers for our client’s anxiety and having a plan to implement reduced stress for everyone, was very helpful. It also allowed his psychiatrist to make significant reductions in the overwhelming number of medications this client took, which also improved his health.” JF, Case Manager

“Clients and their families feel heard and are part of creating the plan rather than feel like a plan is imposed on them.  It was my experience that Bobbi’s insights about clients’ behaviour also allowed “the system” to see the client with fresh eyes and in a more positive and understanding manner.” JJ, Social worker

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